The Founder

Angela Hui, founder and designer of les amis, is a jewelry and fashion lover. Having engaged in the financial industry for over 20 years, Angela, driven by her passion for jewelry and design, became an entrepreneur in the jewelry world by launching her debut collection in 2012, which has been a great success. The fashionista, who believes nothing is impossible and never goes with the flow, amazes jewelry lovers with her out-of-the-box creativity, trendy and bold design like her “Mystique No Boundary” setting and her “Wall Street” collection, which was named “Precious Talent” of the Bijorhca Paris show.

Wayne Hui, co-founder. “Jewelry – it runs in the family and it runs in the blood.” Jewelry has never been a stranger to Wayne, his father has been in the jewelry business since 1968 and the family of Wayne’s mother will celebrate theirs 100th years in the jewelry business in 2018. Having been in the financial world for a quarter century, when Angela launched les amis in 2012, it is almost the jewelry world is calling out to Angela and Wayne to became a jeweler, and started their own journey by bringing family tradition and new talent to the jewelry world.

About les amis

“les amis” in French means “friends”, but in Spanish, it also means “they love”. So together ‘les amis” represents “friends in love” and is a collection of fine jewelry that conveys happiness, friendship and love in one’s colorful life. The collection, which includes a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings, is a playful blend of sweet and sleek, glam and casual chic.

les amis logo, which comprises four rings, symbolizes four types of friends who are of utmost importance in our lives: friends, family members, lovers and oneself. The four interlocking rings, which imply the intimate relationships between our “amis” and us, add Colors, Happiness, Friendship, and Love to life. Every piece of les amis jewelry serves as a token of love to express feelings towards our beloved ones.