Are the stones in les amis collection natural and gem quality?

les amis work with gem quality natural stones. Our jewelry pieces are made with 18k yellow or white gold, platinum, or silver. Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Colored Sapphires and other natural gemstones are used to bring the most dazzling design to you!

How to care for the jewelry?

Keeping jewelry clean and looking good requires regular and proper effort and it only requires simple steps.

We recommends to put on your precious jewelry last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive.

Cleaning your jewelry with a soft cloth after every use and keeping them in individual pouches will also prevent them from scratches and minimize unwanted damages.

We hope these tips will help you to enjoy your jewelry for a long time to come.

Does les amis have warranty for its products?

All les amis products are manufactured carefully and we offer 14 days guarantee as appeared on the invoices for any manufacturing defects.

What is les amis return policy?

les amis does not provide return and exchange for its products. All our products are manufactured carefully and customers are advised to inquire les amis when in doubt before making purchases.