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Personal Information Collection Statement: You consent to and voluntarily provide personal data to les amis Jouel for sales control, contact with customer for direct marketing, research and profile analysis purposes in relation to les amis Jouel products. Your personal data (i.e. name, address, telephone number and email address) may be used by les amis Jouel for direct marketing purposes in relation to les amis Jouel pieces, and such personal data may be shared, disclosed or transferred to les amis group of companies and agents and providers of administrative, marketing, and research services for such purposes. les amis Jouel may not use or transfer your personal data for direct marketing purposes without your consent. By submitting this form, you agree that les amis Jouel may use or transfer your personal data for the abovementioned direct marketing purposes. You have a right to request access to and correction of your personal data provided in the Customer Profile. If you want your name to be removed from our contact and mailing list or you want to make enquiries concerning your personal data, please email: 收集個人資料聲明: 閣下同意及自願向les amis Jouel提供個人資料就les amis Jouel的產品作銷售評估、為直接推廣及研究而與顧客聯絡及資料分析之用。閣下的個人資料(即姓名,地址,電話號碼及電郵地址)可能將被les amis Jouel用作與les amis Jouel的直接推廣的用途,並且為作此等用途les amis Jouel可能將閣下的個人資料披露或傳送予全球les amis集團及向les amis Jouel提供與上述用途相關的管理、推廣及研究服務的代理商及服務提供商,或與之共用資料。未經閣下同意, les amis Jouel不會使用或傳送閣下的個人資料以用作直接推廣的用途。通過傳遞此表格, 閣下同意les amis Jouel使用或傳送閣下的個人資料給以上提給的第三者作直接推廣的用途。閣下有權存取及更正閣下所提供的個人資料。如希望les amis Jouel從聯絡及郵遞名單中刪除閣下的名字, 或希望查詢有關閣下之個人資料的事宜(包括存取及更正資料), 可聯絡les amis Jouel的客戶服務代表, 電郵地址: