Established by Angela and Wayne, les amis Jouel is a collection of designer jewelry that is simple, luxurious, easy to carry and can take you through day or night, in the broadroom or at a cocktail party. In their name, “les amis” mean “friends” in French or “they love” in Spanish. Angela and Wayne believe that love and friendship have no boundaries and envision their jewelry to be gifted as a love token to friends, family, lovers, and even, yourself.

Jewelry is of no stranger to Wayne as his family has been in the trade over generations amounting to nearly 100 years. When traditional craftsmanship weaves in harmony with Angela’s out of the box thinking, les amis Jouel was born in 2013 with its elusive eye catching “Mystique No Boundary” setting. Subsequently, their “Wall Street” collection which was named “Precious Talent” by Bijorhca Paris in 2016.

A minimalist “love at first sight” appeal as Angela puts it, is a design that is about freedom. Freedom that exudes confidence and will transcend the test of time, style or occasion. Gifting with les amis Jouel gives you the freedom of a peace of mind, knowing that your special someone will be in love with either a bespoke or a piece from our collection.